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...and we're live!

The Perilous Road to Happiness ebook version went live on Friday of last week. I am still working on finalizing the paperback and hardcover versions. So much to learn with your first book!

There are lots of different emotions with this'go live'. Excitement, anxiety, a bit of let down (you have been pushing and fighting and struggling for a year+ and now its out there and SHOCK - its not a best seller!). I read somewhere that only 17% of people who start writing a book actually finish writing the manuscript and publish it. I am working on hard on celebrating the fact that I completed the original goal - I wrote a book and published it! It's easy to get caught up in sales figures and bad reviews and all the other stuff that goes along with having a product for sale in the marketplace. I am determined to celebrate being one of the 17%! Go me! :)

I hope you will give the ebook a read. If you are one of the rare ones of us who love a physical book then hang on for a couple of weeks until the paperback and the hardback are available. Happy reading!

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