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You met Jack Cooke in book one of The Roads Collection, The Perilous Road to Happiness. You've met the other six Cooke brothers in The Precarious Road to Starting Anew. Their stories will continue in The Cookes of Collingswood Series.

Book One - A Delicate Strength
Available Now

Seven brothers, seven stories. Some wounds heal while others are inflicted. Some relationships grow and flourish, some start fresh, and others reach their end. Through it all, the Cooke family finds a way to navigate challenges, celebrate successes, and be there for one another. Secrets are revealed. The family is tested in ways they could have never imagined as they deal with particularly difficult times. It’s a gripping tale of heartbreak and triumph, which demonstrates that even with great resilience, life is really about A Delicate Strength.

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Book Two - Whispers in the Wind
Coming Soon

Loss brings new opportunities, challenges make the bonds grow stronger, and victories are cause for celebration. Their stories continue as the Cooke family deals with new horizons for themselves and their circle of friends. Life moves on for some and painfully stays the same for others while all of the Cooke family’s hopes, dreams, troubles, and secrets are set free as Whispers in the Wind.

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