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Loss brings new opportunities, challenges make the bonds grow stronger, and victories are cause for celebration. Their stories continue as the Cooke family deals with new horizons for themselves and their circle of friends. Life moves on for some and painfully stays the same for others while all of the Cooke family’s hopes, dreams, troubles, and secrets are set free as Whispers in the Wind.

Book 2 - The Cookes of Collingswood Series
Whispers in the Wind
Book 1 - The Rothschild Chronicles
The Rh Factor
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She’s a tough-as-nails prosecuting attorney who doesn’t lose. He’s an overachieving Ivy League defense lawyer who is out for blood. They go head-to-head on a prominent case, and sparks fly both inside and outside the courtroom. Nina Landry was not prepared for Rhyan Rothschild, for his legal antics, for his wealthy family, or for how this chance encounter would change her life. She had a plan, but she could never account for The Rh Factor.

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Book 1 - The Apothecary Mysteries
The Nectar of the Autumn Crocus

Penniniah Graeber, acupuncturist, herbalist and accidental sleuth. Mysteries somehow find her and she can't let one pass without finding out the answers. It's the perfect prescription for a healthy dose of intrigue.

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