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Girl Reading on Bed

What do you call that feeling when you are sad at the end of the book because its over?

Woman Reading a Book

So much happens in this book!

Daydreaming with a Book

I finished it already, when is the next one?

A Delicate Strength

The Perilous Road to Happiness

I couldn't put it down. I finished it in one sitting.

A great book, quite a ride!

Fun characters and an easy read - can't wait for the next one!

I fell in love with the whole family.

You kept me in suspense the entire way!

I loved reading this book!

The Precarious Road to Starting Anew

I really got connected! Friendships at their best!

Heartwarming friendships.

The characters are so relatable.

The Sordid Road to Rhapsody

The Treacherous Road to Rescue

Reading a Book

The best book of the series!

Woman Reading with Coffee

A love story steeped in the headlines of today's news.

Open Book

I want to hang out with these characters.

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