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This quartet of books takes you on a journey, following a cast of characters as they each bravely find ways to slip free of the shackles of the past and chart a new course to contentment. It's about love, romance, friendship and the challenges that relationships bring. It's about resolution and proof that all of those challenges are worth it, that they are outweighed by the celebrations and joy that having the right people in your life can bring. Join us on The Road to...

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The Roads Collection - Book One

Book One in The Roads Collection is a story of love, loss, new beginnings, and overcoming the fear and grief that limit moving forward. Follow Clio Alexander as she sheds her past, navigates her present, and discovers her future.


In this narrative of the peaks and valleys of friendship and romance, Clio finds herself enveloped in a cast of characters that becomes her family and shares with her the ups and downs of life. Join Clio as she finds her way on

The Perilous Road to Happiness.

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The Roads Collection - Book Three

London brings a host of new opportunities for Trey, Jae, Clio, and Lincoln. These friends navigate professional challenges and triumphs, and personal ups and downs.

For those not in London, they bridge the physical distance, be it military deployment or living in the States, and are tightly bound together supporting one another as they find their way along

The Sordid Road to Rhapsody.

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The Roads Collection - Book Two
Jack Cooke retires from the military, buys a small medical practice, and becomes the community doctor in the small town of Collingswood, Kentucky. 
Jack has his work cut out for him as he meets his new patients, deals with some unresolved history with his six brothers, and finds love in an unexpected way. It's a story of healing old wounds and reconnection while traveling along
The Precarious Road to Starting Anew.
Treacherous Road new cover.jpg
The Final Book in the Roads Collection
Adam Beckham, Special Forces Team Leader, isn’t happy when command informs him a journalist will again be embedding with his team. Clementine Fisher is tough as nails and always anxious to prove herself as a combat journalist. 
The two are at odds until the unthinkable happens. 
Will Becks be able to traverse
The Treacherous Road to Rescue?
The Roads Collection - 4 Book Series Box Set - Available Now
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