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I Lied - Writing a Book is the easy part!

Holy Moly! I thought writing a book was a labor of love - and it was - but it was a fun labor of love. Post writing a book is honestly one of the most painful experiences I have been through (project related - of course). Self publishing is an abyss of information - a zillion 'solutions' to every problem and no clear answers so you have to try and fail and fail some more before you find something that works for you and you make a tiny bit of progress. Just enough progress that you tell yourself 'okay, I can do this.' And, then you get knocked on your butt again.

This has been the process for the last four weeks. I got my finalized manuscript back from the editor on July 5th. Honestly, I feel like I have been in self publishing hell for way more than 35 days. In that time I have created about 1684 versions of my epub, 859 versions of covers, 433 versions of my print manuscript, pulled out at countless hairs and survived one episode of crying tears of frustration. For anyone who knows me - I am not a crier. And, maybe I am exaggerating a tiny bit on file counts but you get my drift. P A I N F U L! I have been taking meticulous notes, saving templates that work so I have them at the ready for next time, building an arsenal of tools and methodologies. Self publishing will not win!!

11 or so months ago I set a publish date of August 1. As I type this, it's August 9. I am close, so close I can see the light at the end of the self publishing hell tunnel. I hope in the next two weeks to push this baby out the door and make it live on the overwhelming amount of places that you can sell or advertise about your book. But, that is a whole other post...

I hope you'll read A Perilous Road to Happiness once it's available. Even more, I hope you will enjoy it, get lost in an easy to read summer romance and fall in love with the characters who will take you on a journey through The Roads Collection,

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